The concept of Turkish Grill is created through its eagerness to provide delicious dishes grilled on charcoal, prepared in accordance to the traditional Turkish way in a healthy and appetizing manner, and adding the distinctive restaurant touch by chefs of Turkish cuisine, and served with Turkish bread freshly prepared by our kitchen specifically for the restaurant clients. Turkish Grill offers its customers and the lovers of Turkish barbecue the opportunity to enjoy their meals in their home and with their families, through delivery service, where our meals reach fresh and hot to their house directly. Our company strategy to have tg in food court malls in Kuwait in future.

The Company up-to-date has launched eight branches within the famous "Turkish Grill" restaurant chain, which are serving customers in all parts of Kuwait and providing them with quick healthy, and delicious meals, in addition to establishing new branches that will be launched soon in response of satisfying a broader customers base

Turkish grill seeks to bridge the distance with its clients, and to communicate with a larger customer base, through it chain of branches which are spread in all the vital areas in Kuwait and its suburbs, in addition to the branches that are being prepared for opening soon in food courts, as appears on the map.

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